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Please let us know if the options listed below does not suite your requirements.

Option 1 - (single job adverts)

Option 2 - (up to 10 job adverts)

Option 3 - (up to 20 job adverts)

If you require only a few job listings in a year then this is the best option for you. 

This option includes one job advertisement which will be displayed for two months or until the application closing date.

Why pay others hundreds of pounds when you can place your adverts with us.

This option allows you to place up to ten job adverts within one full year.

The year starts from when your first job advert appears in our jobs list.


Under 20 per job adverts!

With this option you can advertise up to twenty jobs within one full year.

The year starts from when your first job advert appears in our jobs list.


That works out to be less than 15 per job advert!

Placing Advert(s)

Adverts will normally be added to our lists within 24 hours of receipt.  You will then be notified about the placement.

Please send your adverts to the to

First Time Contact

When you use our services for the first time, please provide us with the following information in order to set up an account for you:

  • Your Name and position;
  • Name and address of the institution/agency/company;
  • Website address;
  • Name, address and telephone number of the person who should receive the invoices.

Multiple Adverts

All multiple vacancies will count as different adverts.  However if an institution is advertising to recruit more than one member of staff, for example five lecturers in Computing, then this will only count as one advert. Institutions that require very large advert placements please contact our sales team to discuss your requirement and get a quote.

Removal of Adverts

Adverts will be removed one day after the closing date or 60 days after appearing on our lists if no closing date is provided.

Extended Job Postings

A fee of 10.00 is charged for extending adverts. This fee does not apply to those with annual subscription.

Advert Alterations

Our standard charge for making alterations to the adverts after they appear on our web site is 10.00. The first alteration is free of charge!


You will normally be invoiced after two weeks of your first advert being placed. 


You can see the prices and options by clicking here.

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